Manufacturing Ergonomics

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To start with, why even look at ergonomics?

  • Many workers are involved in operations that require lifting, handling sheets, rolls and printed materials all of which pose a risk of injury for the worker.
  • To reduce workplace injury.
  • To increase worker productivity.
  • To decrease insurance and workers compensation costs.

Workplace Injury Statistics

  • 5 million workplace injuries occur in the US every year.
  • Over 1/3 of workplace injuries are due to back injuries caused by lifting.
  • Insurance claims average $20,000 - $30,000 per claim. This is not including indirect costs of loss of productivity and increased insurance premiums.

Axiom, Inc. - Ergonomic Evaluations

Axiom, Inc. has been working with Midwest companies on solutions for ergonomics for over 25 years. We are uniquely positioned to assess ergonomic environments. We have partnerships with several ergonomic equipment suppliers, and with our expertise can identify areas of concern and offer the best solutions for meeting your safety and productivity goals.

Our ergonomic evaluations start with a focus on areas in which your workers perform the highest amount of manual tasks, lifting and with the highest incidences of worker injury. We employ investigative methods that do not interfere with workers or the work environment, and all of our findings are kept in confidence and shared only with approved staff.

Ergonomic Evaluation

Ergonomic evaluation factors:

  • Movement factors / Exertions per minute factors
  • Position factors / Hand-Wrist Posture factors
  • Force-Grip factors / Intensity of exertion factors
  • Contact stress factors
  • Vibration factors
  • Environment factors
  • Workers opinions
  • Duration of exertion factors
  • Speed of work factors
  • Duration per day factors

Ergonomic Assessment, evaluate operations with:

  • Loading and unloading areas.
  • Feeding and offloading areas at presses, trimmers and with other equipment.
  • Paper and roll material handling and processes.
  • Stretch wrapping operations.
  • Loading dock and shipping operations.
  • Flatbed trucks and dolly usage.
  • Pallet handling.
  • Numerous complaints.
  • The potential for more severe consequences.
  • The widest range of potential problems.

Some of the Axiom, Inc. Manufacturing Ergonomic Solutions include:

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