Axiom recently worked with a local die cast corporation specializing in motor vehicle parts.

The Challenge

The customer had an older, outdated conveyor that wasn’t working at the level that the company needed. In addition, they were unable to get the parts needed to repair and update the system.

Hytrol New Conveyor 1
Hytrol New Conveyor 2

The Solution

Axiom worked with a leader in the conveyor industry, Hytrol, to provide a new parts conveyor for WIP. With this new system in place, the customer is able to convey parts up an incline and into a washer. In addition, they’re backed by Axiom and Hytrol, ensuring they’ll have the service, support, and spare parts if they need them.

Why Axiom?

When it comes to conveyor in Wisconsin, Axiom is your trusted partner! From our partnerships with leaders in the conveyor market to our talented in-house service and installation team, we’ve got you covered from initial purchase through long-term ownership. We also offer warehouse layout and design services to create a more integrated system for your warehouse.

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