While we’re still all grappling with the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s important for manufacturers and distributors to assess the current business climate and plan ahead for a world post-coronavirus. While we’ve all become used to adhering to social distancing and sanitation guidelines, businesses will need to make adjustments as more of the workforce heads back to the workplace—many of these guidelines may end up as part of our new normal. Below, we’ve listed a variety of products and solutions that will be a big priority in the coming months for businesses with warehouses.

Separation Partitions & Dividers

A quick, simple solution for creating more spaces in your warehouse is the use of separation partitions and dividers. Axiom offers a wide variety of options for both partitions and dividers, including more industrial-use bolted separation partitions with plexiglass, as well as modular dividing walls and wall enclosures for data centers and other office spaces.


Designed specifically for the food and beverage, medical, and pharmaceutical industries, cleanrooms are climate-controlled rooms in your facility, created with fierce restrictions in place to keep product safe from any contamination. These rooms can be built using prefabricated materials, which makes actually putting them together in your warehouse a relatively simple task.

Modular & In-Plant Offices

What we’re perhaps best known for out of this list: modular offices. Axiom has a history of working with the best manufacturers in the in-plant office industry to create more usable spaces in your facility. Our modular offices are easy to put up, movable, scalable, and can be designed with a wide variety of unique features customized for your unique needs. If you need to a create a more natural separation of employees, modular offices might be a great fit.

Sanitation Carts

Keeping your facility as sanitized as possible is one of those guidelines that isn’t going to go away anytime soon—what better way to keep up with the demand than by adding sanitation carts in your warehouse? These carts are inexpensive and are designed specifically for keeping your space sanitized and clean. In addition, they can be outfitted with many different accessories, as well as an antibacterial surface coating.

Warehouse Access Cages

We predict this product is going to be a huge hit for warehouses going forward. Ensuring you know who’s in your warehouse at all times has always been crucial, but perhaps not as imperative as it is with the COVID-19 pandemic. Installing warehouse access cages is an easy way to ensure your facility is safe and secure—you’ll be able to control non-employee traffic in and out of your facility with ease.

If you’re ready to get started outfitting your warehouse for the new normal, contact us! We’re confident we have the solutions you’re looking for to keep your facility as safe as possible.