An automatic guided vehicle (AGV) is precisely what it sounds like:

They are load carriers that travel along the floor of a facility automatically; that is, without a driver. Generally, movement is made possible through a combination of software and sensor-based guidance systems — sort of like a

self-driving car.

Not sure in what capacity your company would use an AGV? manufacturers can use AGVs in a multitude of areas:


  • Moving physical items across production processes.


  • Loading pallets and loose parts.


  •  Moving products from stretch wrappers to storage.

Parts Delivery

  • Towing trailers of parts/materials to consumption points. 


  • Collecting the parts necessary for assembly.


  • Delivering pallets for production processes.

Order Picking

• Moving ordered products to trailer-loading areas for distribution and transporting a platform for a picker to place selected items.


• Transfer loads across high traffic aisles.


there are a number of different options from which a facility may choose:

Automated Carts — The most straightforward kind of AGV with minimal features for the lowest cost implementation. 

  • Unit load AGVs — Individual vehicles that transport loads (pallets, for example) on forks or the AGVs deck. 
  • Tugger AGVs  — Automated, high-power units pulling a series of load-bearing non-motorized trailers; think of it as a train or tow truck. 
  • Automated Forklift AGVs — An existing forklift truck whose controls have been converted to allow for automatic operation, creating a safer environment and a need for less workforce. 

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