CITY OF PEWAUKEE — Axiom, Inc., a leading material handling solutions provider, announced today a partnership with SSI SCHAEFER, a global supplier of innovative warehousing and software technology.

Through this partnership, Axiom will now offer the entire SSI SCHAEFER material handling product line to its customers, including vertical lift modules (VLMs), picking systems, AS/RS, automated guided vehicles (AGVs), WAMAS Warehouse Management Software, and more. For the LOGIMAT® VLM, Axiom will have exclusive distribution rights in IL and WI.

Axiom president and CEO RJ Safranek believes the new partnership with SSI SCHAEFER aligns perfectly with Axiom’s own business philosophy.

“As we continue to grow our business and meet the ever-evolving demands of the material handling industry, there’s nobody better to partner with than SSI SCHAEFER. We feel that SSI SCHAEFER utilizes the same values-driven approach to operations improvement that we’ve become known for. With our philosophies aligned and their proven technologies and solutions, Axiom looks forward to introducing our customers to this exciting new partnership.”

SSI SCHAEFER is a German-based global material handling company, with over 70 office locations, 10 manufacturing facilities, and over 10,000 associates worldwide, bringing powerful resources and support to Axiom.

“Axiom frequently uses the mantra ‘Whatever the Challenge, We’ll Get It Right.’ Our new partnership with SSI SCHAEFER only strengthens our commitment to having the right solutions, delighting our customers, and remaining a leader in the material handling industry with turnkey solutions designed to solve process, workspace, and storage challenges.”

About Axiom, Inc.:

Axiom focuses on solving challenges related to space utilization, process and efficiency, and safety and ergonomics for companies in both the industrial and commercial space. Founded in 1986, Axiom is a family owned and operated company, with offices in Appleton, Madison, and a headquarters in Pewaukee, WI. For more information, visit


Schaefer Systems International, Inc. is a leading supplier of innovative automation systems, integrated warehouse management technology, and storage solutions for various industries. Schaefer Systems International, Inc. provides end-to-end solutions for distribution and warehouse operation facilities including picking solutions, vertical lift storage, automated guided vehicles, and warehouse management software. Schaefer Systems International, Inc. is part of the SSI SCHAEFER Group, a global leader in intralogistics and material handling solutions. Founded in 1937, SSI SCHAEFER is a privately owned family company, with 70 office locations, 10 manufacturing facilities, and over 10,000 associates worldwide. For more information, visit SSI SCHAEFER and WAMAS online.