Searching for a material handling solution that delivers space utilization, process efficiency, AND safety and ergonomics? Look no further. SSI Schaefer’s Logimat vertical lift module (VLM) is the perfect solution for automated and efficient small parts storage in your facility. Below, we’ll give you a better understanding of what you can expect from SSI Schaefer’s industry-leading VLM solution.

Save valuable warehouse space

Automated storage and retrieval systems are all about creating an efficient parts picking operation, in addition to utilizing the unused vertical area in your facility. By going vertical instead of horizontal, you’re capturing space that was previously empty and preserving valuable square footage in your warehouse for other opportunities. This space savings is a huge benefit for companies running out of usable area in their facility.

Minimal to no maintenance downtime

The Logimat features built-to-last OEM mechanical components that allow it to have little to no downtime for preventative maintenance. In addition, it utilizes an exclusive rack and pinion gear system that prevents issues with misalignment, which are typical for systems running via belts and chains.

The best in parts storage and order picking

Trays are moved up and down on steel columns to deliver the materials you’re looking for with accurate precision. And with an easy-to-read visual display at your service, you’ll be able to pull the exact trays you need with ease. Even in its standard configuration with additional accessories, you’ll have a fantastic product delivering impressive order pick times ergonomically and dependably.

Accessorize as you please

The options are almost endless when it comes to customizing your VLM to make it the perfect solution for your business. Choose from a variety of accessories and options, including software, a tray tilt option, height adjustments, a time-saving hub gate, an optical indicator for order picking, a pull out tray, and more.

We’ve got your back

Axiom is your dealer for SSI Schaefer Logimat VLMs in Wisconsin and Illinois. That means you have our full support from initial purchase through ownership of the system, with service technicians ready to support your VLM. If you’d like to learn more, simply fill out a contact form or reach out to your Axiom sales rep. We’d love to show you more of what the Logimat can do for your business and the impressive ROI you can achieve.