Axiom’s slotting services provide companies with the data and visualization they need to transform their facility into a more efficient, ergonomic, and productive space.

Is your warehouse or distribution center working the way you want it to? Are all of your processes easily completed? Is your facility’s layout efficient for your business’s needs? If not, it might be time to consider a re-slotting of your facility. Axiom’s warehouse and distribution center slotting services provide businesses with a robust overhaul of their layout space and daily processes, ensuring your company has the most efficient, optimal warehouse or distribution facility to help meet the demands of your customers.

Space and Layout Planning

Are you currently able to visualize your warehouse’s space utilization? If not, slotting can provide some clarity to any storage challenges or wasted space issues.

Picking and Replenishment Analysis

While slotting can sometimes focus on the big picture of a facility’s space and layout, it can also focus just as closely on picking and replenishment of inventory. Our team of slotting experts will work with you to come up with data-proven ways to speed up the picking process, reduce picking errors, and improve the efficiency and ergonomics within your picking and fulfilment areas.

Data Analysis and Reporting

Once we’ve analyzed your facility and have begun to understand your unique needs, we’ll be able to provide you with customized reports featuring the extracted slotting data we’ve captured during the process.

Below are just a few of the many benefits companies receive through re-slotting warehouse and distribution center inventory:

  • More efficient space utilization
  • Faster picking time
  • Improved picking accuracy
  • Improved worker ergonomics
  • Greater productivity in facility

Is your warehouse in need of a re-slot? Finding the answer to that question can sometimes be difficult. For many warehouse managers, they’re too busy to notice the details of product placement or picking inefficiencies on a day-to-day basis. If you begin to notice your warehouse or distribution facility isn’t running the way it could be, or you’re not utilizing all of your warehouse space in the right ways, contact us today! Our team of slotting professionals are ready to assess your unique space and storage challenges and begin finding efficient solutions for your business.