Customer Success Story


Certco Inc. of Madison, WIS., a distributor of health, beauty and grocery goods to 128 area stores, needed a solution for storing 20,000 SKU’s, primarily in pallet quantities within its 120,000 square foot warehouse.

Plan of Action

An improved distribution system was required to manage the inventory and retrieval process and reach a pick volume of 15,000 per day. To meet Certco’s customer delivery expectations, the project had to be completed within nine months. Axiom provided 5,100 pallets, one mile of powered and gravity conveyors, 79 miles of carton flow track and 19,456 square feet of mezzanine decking to create two, trilevel towers with a total of six picking aisles. The towers maximize the use of vertical warehouse space and accommodate all 20,000 sku’s, allowing associates to pick and consolidate orders simultaneously. The conveyor system efficiently moves orders through the picking aisles to the loading dock. As part of the system design, aisle ways constructed behind pick areas allow sku replenishment without interruption to the pick process. With the new distribution system, Certco, Inc. maximizes facility space, efficiently manages the retrieval process and enhances customer order delivery times.


  • Design a system to store 20,000 Sku’s in 120,000 Sq. Ft.
  • 15,000 picks required per day to support 128 stores


  • Use effective first in first out carton flow

  • Implement gravity and powered conveyor for efficient pricing

  • Improved Accuracy and pick times

Project Details

  • 5,100 pallet positions

  • 1,950 feet of powered conveyor

  • 2,880 feet of gravity conveyor

  • 79 miles of carton flow tracks

  • 19,456 square feet of mezzanine decking

Certco Carton Flow
Certo Carton Flow

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