Making the decision to invest in re-slotting your warehouse or distribution center is a major undertaking. But simply getting to the point of knowing it’s time for the process can be confusing and challenging. Below are some of the most common symptoms of a warehouse in dire need of a re-slot. If you’re experiencing one or several of these dilemmas/opportunities, it might be time to consider slotting.

Looking to expand your existing space

If you have the opportunity to expand your existing warehouse space, there’s no better time to look into how slotting can help. With a new or expanded capacity, it is helpful to start off on the right foot, with products located accessibly and safely and your overall storage capabilities maximized to their full potential.

Picking is inefficient

Are you having challenges in terms of picking accuracy or timing? Do you see opportunities for greater efficiencies in fulfillment? This is where slotting can help. Slotting software can help you group certain items for rapid fulfillment, and help you find the best locations to put certain products to improve efficiency and picking accuracy.

Underutilized capacity

Have a lot of unused or underutilized space, but you’re not sure where to start? Slotting optimization will help determine the best locations for your inventory, and analyze how to improve the overall efficiency of your warehouse layout. In many cases, slotting will find ways to allow you to invest in more material handling systems and solutions to help create more productive warehouse space.

Running over space capacity

Perhaps the most obvious and necessary time to re-slot your facility is when you’ve run out of usable space in your warehouse. For a majority of manufacturing and distribution companies, expansion or building a completely new facility isn’t logistically feasible. If you’re stuck with your existing space, slotting can improve your existing productivity, safety and efficiency levels, and save you some usable storage space.

Inventory profile changes

If you’ve begun to store new products in your warehouse, it may shake up your existing space utilization, picking productivity and efficiency levels. Slotting can help ensure the new product is slotted in the best location in terms of space, productivity, efficiency, and safety for your warehouse employees. As you continue to add new products to your inventory, you can continue to slot and ensure efficiency in your facility.

Frequently-missed ship times

Slotting and picking accuracy go hand in hand. Not only will slotting shorten your order fulfillment cycles, it’ll strategically group items in locations that make fulfillment a more accurate and convenient process.

Product/equipment damage

Product and equipment can be damaged in a lot of different ways in a busy, bustling warehouse. But there are ways to improve the safety of your product, equipment, and even employees. Slotting will ensure heavy and damage-prone items are placed in locations designed to minimize damage, giving you peace of mind knowing your facility is designed with safety in mind.

If you’ve discovered a need for a re-slot, or you’re simply interested in learning more about the process, don’t hesitate to contact us today! We look forward to answering any questions you may have and helping you find the right solution for your current needs.