What does warehouse automation look like?

When your workers are forced to find and retrieve goods themselves, the process becomes tiring, time-consuming, physically demanding, and, potentially, dangerous — especially when handling oversized items. VLM systems are equipped with basic internal controls and an inventory handling management system.


But what does a Vertical Lift module really do?

VLMs are composed of trays in the front and back and an inserter/extractor system that runs down the center. Trays are automatically retrieved and delivered to a pick window for picking. When complete, the inserter/extractor will retrieve and store the tray in either a user-designated position or automatically assign a position based on using the least amount of space or fastest/slowest accessibility. 


Without a standard number of employees, companies are having a hard time keeping up. Every minute a production line is down is a minute of productivity you cannot get back: fewer workers, less profit. An investment in an Axiom Automation System is a business’ insurance policy: fewer workers yielding higher production results and ideal time utilization with reduced risk of injury.

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