Every business has adapted and developed new policies and processes to help ensure our employees remain safe despite the uncertainty that the virus has thrusted on us. Social distancing is a concept that is alien to many of us and can feel quite unnatural.

Automated material handling solutions were not originally intended to combat pandemics or encourage social distancing; however, they certainly provide advantages to your operation that not only aid in your productivity and ROI but can also keep your employees safe—today and in the future.

Axiom has access to an array of automated material handling solutions to leverage and integrate within your existing facility and operations, from automated guided vehicles to automated picking solutions, vertical lift modules, conveyor systems, and more. These solutions provide operators with remote diagnostics and operational insights as well. Let’s take a look at a few of our automation solutions and how they can help your business.

AGVs — Automated Guided Vehicles, or AGVs, aim to create true automation in the warehouse by eliminating unnecessary roles and creating seamless movement of product. These systems are created custom to your unique requirements and can have a powerful ROI, especially when you look at labor cost savings.

VLMs — Why take up valuable horizontal warehouse space when you can go vertical? Vertical Lift Modules, or VLMs, can be a smart way to create more storage space and improve picking accuracy and efficiency, all done with an ergonomically designed, compact system.

Automated Picking Systems — By partnering with SSI SCHAEFER in 2019, Axiom was able to up the game in terms of providing new automation systems like high-efficiency horizontal carousels and picking systems custom designed to fit your facility and specifications. We choose what system to implement after doing a deep dive to better understand your business’s needs and ensure it’s the right solution.

Conveyor Systems — From gravity to sophisticated computer-controlled systems, our conveyor capabilities can get your product moving as efficiently as possible. In addition, we provide conveyor parts and service to help maintain uptime.

Together with innovative solutions and Axiom’s material handling expertise, we can automate many manual processes to keep everyone safe while you stay committed to providing for your customers. 

Work with an Axiom consultant to get started moving the world again, safely.

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